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How to get to Reykjavik – Eric the Red Guesthouse:

From Keflavik International Airport:

  • A taxi from Keflavik airport to Eric The Red guesthouse.

    • Taxi is available at Keflavik airport.
    • Charged by the meter.
    • Duration: 35-45 minutes.
    • Be sure to ask the driver for price to Reykjavik before you step into the car.
  • Renting a car 

    • You can rent a car at the airport, (during the months june, july and august we recommend you book ahead ). There are different car rentals at the airport.
      • Átak is one and if you contact Átak car rental and inform them you are staying at Eric The Red guesthouse they give you a special offer. To drive into Reykjavik follow road no. 41. You drive through 3 suburbs before coming into Reykjavik. First one is Hafnarfjördur, then Gardabaer and then Kópavogur and after that you follow the sign city center into Reykjavik. Eric The Red guesthouse is located near The church with a tall tower named Hallgrimschurch.
  • Flybus from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik. 

    • The Flybus departs Keflavik Airport approximately 30-50 minutes after each flight arrival.
    • The Flybus makes a final stop at BSÍ bus terminal in Reykjavik. From there you can board a smaller bus that takes you to bus stop no. 8.  Be sure to inform the driver when you step on the bus at the airport that you want to get off at bus stop no. 8 which is in the car park at our big church named Hallgrimskirkja. From bus stop no. 8 is only 2 min walk to Eric The Red guesthouse.
    • Flybus web site
    • Duration: 50-60 minutes

From BSÍ coach terminal to Eric The Red guesthouse

  • A taxi Duration: less than 5 minutes
  •  Walking. Approximately 7 minutes up a street named Baronsstigur and when you come to the traffic lights you turn left and we are in  the second house from the corner.


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